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Kim Shoemaker
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From DSA

Propaganda has such a nasty connotation, and there are so many “friendlier” words one could use- “advertisement,” “promotion,” and “advocacy,” to point out a few. However, let’s be honest with each other- this is what Medium is all about- creating & releasing one’s personal propaganda into the electronic world, whether selling a product, one’s writing, thoughts or theories, or perhaps some other personal goal, whatever that might be.

I’m in support for the Green New Deal as an overarching concept, and I think there’s very convincing arguments why the broader public should also be in favor of that concept. The Green New Deal for Public Schools (GND4PS) is a specific set of budget allocations for funds to be directed towards education, and this is my platform to try to convince readers that this is an important step for improving public education for all Americans.

I have some references posted below for people to check out, including the text of the bill itself (59 pages!), a press release summary from Rep. Bowman’s office, and the campaign webpage. I won’t spend much time focusing on the financial details of the bill, but I will focus on the ways this bill will improve the lives of Americans and their children’s futures.

This bill focuses on allocating a lot of money to improve public education by providing funding for additional staff, specialized services for differently abled students or neurodivergent children whose needs are not currently met in many public schools, as well as improving the school buildings themselves, which often are under disrepair while the administrative buildings are in pristine condition.

Also from DSA- Full Disclosure, I’m a member of DSA b/c I believe in a better world for all humans

Our funds should be used to improve the public education offers the country, not funneled into for-profit private schools that only care about the money spent per child to maximize their share holder’s bank accounts, not provide a good education for American children.

This money will help level the playing field for children in low income neighborhoods, especially those who have historically been neglected in these bills, meaning segregated neighborhoods of people of color. For far too long, Black and Brown communities (amongst other minorities) have been in a disadvantage through the use of property taxes to fund public schools. Racism is a factor that White America conveniently ignores during their “debates” about public education, and so many White Americans pretend that their public education is equivalent to that of an impoverished community, when that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

And how does White America benefit? They can use their “public education” experience to pretend like white supremacy doesn’t give them additional privileges that others don’t have access to. They can buy into the American myth of meritocracy, that those who work hard will succeed, when overwhelmingly, it is our parent’s social status/race that determines our opportunities.

This bill is necessary to put America on a better path than the one its currently headed. Inequality is only getting more of a problem, and the Biden administration is doing less than nothing to help American’s get back on their feet with the pandemic financially. Federal support has ended, and those Americans in Republican controlled states are suffering even more. As a country, we need to do better for our fellow citizens, and this is one step along that path.

I’m sure I’ll think of more to add to this propaganda piece; for now, I hope this gives readers something to consider.

If you’re convinced that this is good legislation & want to support it (or already supported it!), call your House Representative, check out your local DSA or other progressive political groups for upcoming actions this weekend through next weekend. This will be voted on soon so let’s try to push for it to go into the reconciliation bill!


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